Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer fun!

Here's a delicious drink I had a few weeks ago at my friend's lovely farm ... to quote a her, "it's like a girl party in my mouth!" Sangria is really only as good as the ingredients you put in it. Any combination of delicious juice, something sparkling, and some sort of wine will be excellent, and you can always throw in some extra hard liquor for a kick - may I suggest brandy for a red wine sangria or peach schnapps for a white wine sangria? Best of all, drink it on a lazy summer's day with some tasty summer food.

Summer Sangria

1 bottle of Moscato (or another sparkling white)
3 or 4 cups of tropical juice (we went for Ceres 'Medley of Fruits')
1 can of club soda
Seeds from one pomegranate

Combine and serve over ice! (With a crazy fruit garnish and umbrella, just because it's sangria.)

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