Tuesday, September 6, 2011

feasting in the county

This weekend I went to Prince Edward County! My friends have a farm, right near Sandbanks park. It's a beautiful place, filled with lots of beautiful food. (You should  check out their blog, Argos Acres.)

There were lots of animals,  

... and I visited a cheese factory. 

My friend has a sprawling garden, and this chard got cooked with some chickpeas, lemon zest and onions, and it was a part of a ...

... feast! There's corn, tomatoes, pears, caramelized onions for the burgers and tofurky sausages, quinoa salad, and sun-dried olives with orange zest. 

There were pears from a back yard and cherry tomatoes,

and olives galore!

Also, the largest mushroom ever - a puffball, a kind of wild mushroom, that got sliced up, marinated and barbecued. 

And the food went deliciously with local cider and barley beer. 

Don't forget the watermelon from the stand down the street, 

and lots of corn!

It was all made in the outdoor kitchen, the best place to cook in the summer, 

and there were marshmallows to end the evening, of course. 

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