Wednesday, December 21, 2011

homemade orange liquor

In Europe, there's a common aperitif called '44.' It contains one orange, 44 coffee beans, 44 sugar cubes, and enough vodka to cover the whole thing for 44 days, while it infuses.

I reduced the sugar, and used clementines, purely because I didn't have a sealed container that an orange would fit in. The hardest part? Waiting over a month!

There's something delightful about stabbing an orange and tucking little coffee beans in the pockets, as well as the delicious smell of coffee and oranges while you're preparing it.

44 (orange coffee liquor)
1 orange, or 3 clementines 
(I suggest using unwaxed, organic ones - you don't want waxes and pesticides seeping into your liquor)
44 coffee beans
1/2 cup sugar
enough vodka to cover everything (about a mickey)

Scrub orange or clementines. Stab all over with a knife. Push coffee beans into the holes. Put orange, sugar and vodka in a sealed jar. Shake every day, for 44 days. Enjoy by itself, over ice, or invent some delicious cocktails - anything where an orange/coffee flavour would be tasty.

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