Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ginger, ginger, ginger

Ginger ginger ginger! So spicy, complex, delicious: pickled, in asian dishes, candied or in syrup. Last week I tried to make my own candied ginger. It turned out a little drier and more caramelized than I would have liked, but delicious none the less. David Lebovitz told me to slice the ginger as finely as possible, which I think was my downfall - I went overboard. Anyways, here's the recipes I used:

Alton Brown's Candied Ginger and David Lebovitz's Candied Ginger

What to do with all that ginger? Dip in in chocolate, mix it into granola, throw into baked goods. Eat it straight!

Also, I found myself with a bunch of left over simple syrup, strongly flavoured with ginger. I boiled it down and mixed in a cup or so of honey: voila! Ginger honey! Delicious in hot water with lemon to take off the winter chill.

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