Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my favourite lunch: grilled cheese

brie and apple grilled cheese

The best combination - creamy brie, sweet apples, crispy, buttery bread. A revelation: mustard is awesome in grilled cheese, and of course I'm talking about Koslick's awesome maple mustard (the mustard man at St. Lawrence Market).

This sandwich here? Triple creme brie, thinly sliced apples, maple mustard and olive oil.

I'm not going to give you instructions on how to make a grilled cheese, I think it's a skill most of us learned early on in the kitchen. I am, however, going to suggest that you reconsider your ingredients and switch things up. Use new types of bread, olive oil instead of butter, exciting cheeses, condiments, tomatoes, apples, caramelized onions... the possibilities are endless!

A new trick I learned? Using my new mandolin to cut the apple slices. They were so thin that they cooked right through in the sandwich, making a gooey, soft and sweet centre.

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