Wednesday, February 15, 2012

an update: orange-coffee liquor

It worked! Vodka plus sugar, plus clementines, plus coffee beans equals one delicious liquor. Also known as 44, this liquor is common in Europe. This was so easy, that you might see me at the LCBO buying the largest, cheapest bottle of vodka possible, and creating all sorts of flavoured liquors. Next up? Meyer lemons turning into a sweet-sour limoncello, and greenhouse rhubarb for a gorgeous, pink cordial.

Here's the original posting, with the recipe for orange-coffe liquor. 


  1. Amazing! How was it? Worth the wait? So inspired. I'm totally interested in the lemon and the raspberry iterations. Hooray for your 44 day patience!

  2. So good! Worth the wait. I can't wait for the rhubarb one. It's going to be the prettiest colour.