Friday, April 6, 2012

bookmark break

Weekend reading: one blog leads to another, following a link turns into two hours of wandering aimlessly around the internet, and I inadvertently end up with a plethora of bookmarks - recipes to make, videos to watch, books to read, projects to make. Here's my favourite (mostly food related) finds of last week:

Julia Child gets cooking with a very famous Indian Chef, Madhur Jaffrey,

this recipe is perfect for my lunch next week,

geometric artwork on my favourite art and design blog,

theydrawandcook has a sister website, theydrawandtravel! here's one of the toronto illustrations,

everything you've ever wanted to know about excellent eggs - an enlightenment by bon appetit magazine,

my favourite food podcast, with an awesome website to boot,

this map of the online food world,

and some squash and chocolate cupcakes from a new blog find.

I hope you find some new gems! The internet is a big, scary forest of extraordinarily bad and extremely good recipes. Happy hunting!

 (a little island time this week over on Hanlan's point... just waiting for summer and swimsuits!)

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