Saturday, October 15, 2011


When I think of thanksgiving, I think of sage, walnuts, maple syrup, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and apples. Inevitably, all these flavours made their way into my thanksgiving meal in some form or another.

Here's a thanksgiving wrap up:

(because these recipes should make there appearance more often than once a year)

maple brussel sprouts
sweet potato casserole
cranberry and apple stuffing
mushroom gravy
rosemary and lemon chicken

Wait, chicken? Aren't I a vegetarian? Yes, yes, and that includes not eating chicken (despite what many grandmothers may think, chicken is included the 'meat' category). I may be a vegetarian, but I'm not succeeding in brainwashing those I love. I believe in making loved ones delicious food they enjoy, and if that means roasting a chicken (a free range organic chicken, of course), then so be it. And that chicken might as well get the royal treatment, with lemon, rosemary, onions, sage and a bed of root vegetables. (And a 'Taps' send off when it went into the oven. I think my boyfriend was mocking me, but it was kind of sweet.)

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