Tuesday, November 1, 2011

shortbread + caramel + chocolate

Millionaire bars: think twix bar, but with a shortbread twist on the cookie layer. Apparently these are big in England. Instead of posting a recipe, I'm going to send you to these delicious links. Every recipe is similar, just with different twists on each layer: shortbread bottom, followed by a caramel layer, finished off with chocolate. Enjoy, and give them away, because not only are they super rich (hence the name), they're super addictive.

Blue Eyed Baker's Millionaire's Shortbread
(classic, simple, delicious. the recipe I used for the picture.)
Millionaire Shortbread from Food52
(a fancy version with creme fraise and smoked salt.)
Vegan Millionaire Shortbread
(because everything should have a vegan version. scroll down a bit for the recipe.)
Millionaire Bars from the Food Network
(minimal ingredients. try using a jar of dulche de leche for the caramel.)
Not Without Salt's Twix Bars
(slightly different, same idea. complicated yet impressive.)

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