Saturday, November 26, 2011

st. lawrence market

Where else can you get birch syrup, blood oranges, a kettle shaped like a camel, pink sea salt, New Zeland honey, Montreal-style bagels, honey crisp apples, dutch liquorice, balsamic-fig mustard and apple bananas (yes, apple bananas)?

The Market. Which market? The oldest one in the city, of course! For over 200 years, there's been a market at the corner of Front and Jarvis. The lake use to reach right up to the back, and boats would unload goods directly into the market.

My favourite things to buy:

Koslik's maple mustard (try it on grilled cheese)
Future Bakery's market bread (soft with a crunchy, french style crust)
Buster's halibut sandwich (the best fish sandwich in Toronto, I have dreams about these)
chalk liquorice at Domino's in the basement (my Dutch addiction from when I worked at a candy store)
Stonemill Bakery's chocolate-marzipan croisant (fresh from the oven, almonds and chocolate, what could be better?)

And of course, all the delicious, seasonal produce in the North Market. This week: acorn and butternut squashes, brussels sprouts, nantes carrots, liberty apples and cabbage.

Saturday is not for the faint of heart - come prepared with bags, and get ready for huge crowds. However, this is the only day the North Market is open (5am to 1pm), where a plethora of Ontario produce, meat, honey and breads can be found. During the week, (Tuesday to Sat, 9am to 7), the South Market has stalls from around the world, and the crowds are much more manageable.

Go! What are you waiting for! Be prepared for the most delicious food experience ever.

(And, pick up some of these heirloom potatoes - the most beautiful colours.)

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